Services WE OFFER
The Full Search
This is the full management of your property search. You sit back and we do the rest.

Step 1: Initial Briefing

We go through a detailed client brief to work out exactly what sort of property you are looking for and we look at your budget. We will do a feasibility study to confirm we can get what you want within budget.

Step 2: The Search

We will do all the searching for you and you only inspect our short list. This saves you spending your Saturday’s at open homes.
The search starts with us letting all the local agents know your brief. We will find out about any off market properties and search for suitable on market properties. We’re aligned with real estate agents who often call us first before properties hit the market.

Step 3: Pricing

Once you see a property you like we will do a detailed pricing analysis to understand what the property is worth and in what range you should pay for it. Sometimes agents under quote and sometimes they over quote. Once we know it’s value we can work out best strategy for purchasing.

Step 4: Contract review, due diligence and building/pest inspection

Once you’ve decided to go all in on a property we set the rest of the wheels in motion. We get the contract reviewed by your solicitor, get a building and pest inspection done and I do all the necessary due diligence.

Step 5: Negotiate and Secure / Liaise with professionals

Once all the legwork has been completed, we work out the best strategy to buy the property. I will be talking to the agent throughout and be fully aware of level of interest from other parties. We liase with you as to how the negotiations are progressing and once the offer is accepted we move fast to secure the deal. At the same time we ensure your conveyancer and lender are moving fast so we can exchange as soon as the offer is accepted. We ensure this is as stress free as possible.

Step 6 – Pre-Settlement Inspection

We are present at the pre-settlement inspection to ensure the property is in the same condition as at the time of exchange. If there are any hiccups we manage this for you.

The “Full Search” is a MUST for time poor people. Our aim is to take all the stress away and buy you the best property on the market at that time for the best possible price.
Evaluation & Negotiation
Once you’ve found a property you wish to purchase, we will negotiate with the selling agent to ensure you’re in the best position to buy the property. We will do a pricing evaluation, due diligence and get all the boxes ticked so you are ready to purchase.
The Bespoke Search
If the Full Service or Property Evaluation / Negotiation don’t work for you we can create a tailormade service to suit your needs. For example, you may want to do all the searching but have us at the end of the phone to discuss and advise along the way. So we can create a service to suit your needs.