What are the benefits of using Indigo Road when I can do it myself?

Here are some reasons WHY

1. Time

We will do all the searching for you – inspect all the properties and then send you our recommendations.

2. Off Market Properties

We find the relevant off market properties that fit your brief.

3. Understanding a Property’s Value

Once we find a property that you want to buy we do a detailed pricing evaluation. This really helps you understand what the property is worth, likely to sell for and helps you decide what you are prepared to pay for it.

4. Due Diligence

We do all the due diligence on the property you want to buy. We will review the strata / building & pest inspection report.

5. Strategy to buy the property / Negotiate on your behalf:

We know what questions to ask the agent and will negotiate on your behalf taking that stress away from you.

6. Speed

We can be ready to put an offer in on a property within 24hrs. Some agents sell very quickly so it’s imperative you’re ready and the boxes are ticked. We will ensure you don’t miss out.

7. Decision Making

If you are looking with a partner, you may have different tastes when it comes to a property. We know a good property when we see it so will help you and your partner align enabling you to buy quicker.
Our mission is to buy the BEST property for the RIGHT price and often the buying process is much quicker than if you did it yourself as we know a great property when we see it. We also get you in the right headspace to buy. Our aim is to save you TIME and MONEY.